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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  October 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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dead. plus -- could this be the big break in a child abduction case one that gripped the midwest 26 years ago? we have the lltest developments in that investigation... and one struggling campaign comes up with a new line -- as the candidate comes to iowa... i'm jerry gallagher... let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. temperatures this morning range from the low 30s to the mid 40s... the difference being caused by clouds in the warm areas, mainly clear in the cooler counties.s. the winds have finally died down... they are less than 10 mph but will pick up from the south today. as the clouds over us this morning track to the northeast, more will track in froro the
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with mainly cloudy skies today. the southerly winds at 5 o 15 mph will hp get our temps back into the low to mid 50s over the viewing area this afternoon. rain tracks back into the state tonight. i'll have that in the forecast in a few minutes. a big story this morning: a community is remembering an officer. a waterloo police officer has died. adam liddle die yesterday of -- what's being called an "unknown medical trauma." he was 35 years oll he'd been with the department for three years. he had also worked for the black hawk county sheriff's office. liddle is survived by his wife and 10- year-old son. no more details are being released by the police department about s death right now... but we do
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continuing coverage this morning about the search for a missing teenager: more than a week after a of him. moe sed went missing last thursday. he's a refugee from burma. his family is worried becaue he needs his meicine. there will be an organized search for him this morning at 9:9:. people will be gathering at the non-porfit, embarc. this week, an arrest is made -- that ould be linked to one of the most well known child abduction cases ininthe midwest. jacob wetterling was 11 when he was kidnapped in 1989 near his home in central minnesota. daniel heinrich has now been arrested -- and is charged with child pornography. for now, investigators are "let me be very clear, the defendant has denied any involvement in the disappearance crime related to that
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the wetterling family released a statement -- saying "for 26 long years, we've said somebody knowss mething ... we are so grateful for the prayers, support and hope shared in our search for jacob and the search for answers." this morning, an eastern iowa woman is being g emembered as a dedicated employee with a big heart. terry harp was killed thursday morning when she was hit by a in cedar falls. she was 59. police say she steteped right in n front of a car. "there is a bus stop on the south side and that's where she or didn't see the vehicle we just aren't sure." she was on her way to a bus stop -- and was heading to pizza hut -- where she worked for 29 years. police say the driver of the car will not be ticketed -- and as you can imagine -- was pretty shaken up by what happened. a`crash involving a west
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delaware school bus leads to charges. monte klink is charged with -- among other things -- operating under the influence. court documents show he tested for meth in his system after the crash. deputiesay he failed to yield at an intersection earlier this month -- cauuing a crash between his s-u-v and the bus. we spoke with a woman -- who had two kids on the bus that day. "it hurts. and it angers me. because it could've been so much worse that ddy, and it just, it'sshard to think k bout, and it was hard to read." the crash sent 15 people to the hospital with various injuries. breaking news this morning: the man accused ofshooting a tennessee police officer is dead. he was killed in a shootout with authorities. kentucky police say floyd cook was shot early this morning. cook was accused of shooting an officer during a traffic stop on saturday.
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a kentucky state trooper then spotted hisscar and trieddto stop him. that's when he started firing at the trooper -- who wasn't hit. cook escaped -- which started a manhunt that lasted until this morning. this morning, the search for a depuu on the run isisalso over. california deputy ed tucker was arrested after escaping from a jail parking garage earlier this week. surveillance video shows tucker reach his hand through a cracked window of the patrol car, open the door, and start to walk through the garage. tucker was arrested on tuesday for illegal possession of guns and drugs after allegedly pointing a gun at a group of kids. passengers are forced to get off a plane quickly after it catches fire. it happened in florida. there was a fire in the engine. 15 people were taken to the hospital -- including one with serious buus. the f-a-a believesesa fuel leak caused the fire. this morning, we're hearing from a 10-year-old boy who survived a shark attack. the boy was bitten near hawaii on wednesday.
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it appears he'll make a full recovery. "the shark come out of again. then i was calling for help. they took me in the sand and i got stitches from the doctors." a witness says the boy was calm the entire time.. he would be the seventh shark bite victim in hawaii this year. workers are being treated for burns after a welding accident at a power plant t n louisville. there was some kind of a fire at the plant. . emergency crews rushed the workers to the hospital. there's no word on how they're doing this morning. today, 150 federal inmates in iowa will be releesed from halfway housee and prisons.s. it's part of the new policy change by the u-s sentencing commission. around six thousand federal inmates will walk free after their drug sentences were reduced.
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a third of the inmates will be moved to u-s immigration and customs enforcement and deported to their home countries. new this morning: lawmakers2 work late into the night to approve a bbget deal. the senate approved he agreement that raises the debt ceiling. that sets the budget for the federal government for the next two years2-- and it also keeps the u-s from defaulting next expececed to sign it. decision 2016 coverage: republicans are looking at format changes -- after this week's debate on c-n-b-c. tracie potts tells us about that -- and has theelatest on jee bush's struggling campaign. "the end is not near, memo to file, life is good." jeb bush insistu his campaign s not on life-support2 his brother the former president showed up at a fundraiser amid reports that doors are defecting. bush rejects claims that hiss debate performance was weak "it is not a sign of strength by
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having the loudest volume in the room." the republan party is pushing for format changes at the nex debate: more exchanges between "what it's turned into is a 'gotcha.' that's silly and that's not really helpful for anybody." donald trump suggests maybe the moderators`should be republican. "why should we have these people that hate everytyting that we stand for?" on the other side, hillary clinton says with republicans, she can't get a break: "whenever i actually have a job, the republicans say really nice thingspabout me. whenever i'm running for a job, oh my goodness you know they line up." the new york times suggests chris christie drop out. christie's reponse: he's not a subscriber.. and he's staying in the race. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. bush has a new banner -- which says "jeb can fix it." he'll be in iowa tomorrow. crosswalks are safer -- and
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in some cities, police are keeping an eye on jaywalkers. how common is it? kwwl's kristin rogers quickly found out. i set up camera along one of the busiest roads in block of first avenue. watch as person after person is seen walking into oncoming traffic... something drivers say is common. their way across intersections as lights are green, no car n sight at the time but just seconds later, a near miss.... as jaywalking is common, we caught up with a man right after he haha done just ttat.... "aren't you concerned about your safety, drivers you know don't want to run anyone over?" (cg: deshawn woods/ pedestrian) "all the time i'm thinking about ym safety but i'm thinking about getting home too most of the time.. but being i i a hurry ccn be scary, watch as this woman, works her way across one lane at a time to avoid traffic....t's jawalking, and ii's a real proolem, in fact, it's illegal... cedar rapids police have issued nearly two dozen
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jaywalking in the last several we are told it's as easy as using a crosswalk, often times just feet away... (cg: greg buelow/ public safety spokesperson) "what a great method you can see over my shoulder, it's actuaualy giving you countdown right now, hey 12, 11, 10, i (cg: kristin rogers) "drvers tell me jaywalking has become so regular they've started to look out for it on breaks quick and i don't know the memesage is safety, and after talking to one jaywalker, he said he isn't going to do it anymore. (cg: deshawn woods) "i would like to say thank you for you know introducing me to jaywalking, letting me know i was in the rong." that was kristin rogers reporting. a jaywalking fine can hit ninety-four dollars.
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this is also a concern heading into the halloween weekend. policic are reminding trick or treaters to use sidewalks and crosswalks to be safe. we've been hearing from many of you -- wondering about the times for trick or treating tomorrow. check out our website -- k-w-w-l dot com. when yoyo get to theehome page -- click on the 2015 trick-or-treat times in featured reports. you'll find the list of cities hawkeye fans -- if you plan on wearing a costume to saturday's game -- here are some things you need to know. university of iiwa police saa en fake weappns won't be allowed. no authentic law enforcement uniforms. and no authentic player or referee uniforms which might be mistaken for an actual playeror ref. today is s big day at scscool for many kids showing off their costumes. here's a quick look at scratch gallagher. my daughter maddie made this cupcake costume on her own. we still have a lot to get to this morning: including hawkeye highlights. the men's basketball team returns to the court for an
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plus -- merchandise is one thing... but milk? see how world seeies fever is taking over one city... right down to the dairy aisle at the store. mostly cloudy to partly sunny today with southerly winds a lot more manageable. highs will be back into the 50s today but we have warmer weather on tap in the near future. i'll have that forecast
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weaaer team: we are between systems so the wind has died down and the rain has tracked out, but more raiai is heading our way tonight nd
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tomorrow. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will be dry today and should be able to show som areas of sun later this morning into the afternoon, although we keep quite a few clouds today. temperatures are running from the low 30s in the south to the mid 40s in the north with mainly cool temps totohe west where e t has been clear most of the night. winds have finally died down and are less than 10 mph out there... they turn to`the south today and will be back to around 10-15 mph this afternrnon. clear skies are reported over most of the state, but much of our viewing area still has clouds and we have more tracking in fromthe southwest. this disturbance will also bring showers back to the viewing area tonight and tomorrow morning, with a few that may linger a bit longer. it won't be as heavy as the last system... most of s will see around a quarter to haha an inch withhome areas only getting around a tenth of an
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inch. we will call it mostly cloudy today although we may have periods of sunny skies. highs back to normal today with help from southerly winds. showers track in tonight with lows in the mid 40s. showers are likely tomorrowmorning and we may have some scattered stuff lingering in the afternoon. highs back in the low to mid 50s. and then we warm up. highs back in the 60s for much of next week with dry weather as we head intonovember. another chance of rain holds off until thursday. change yyur clocks back an hour for sunday. mid 40s. showers are likely tomorrow morning and we mayyave
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in the aftetenoon. highs baa in the low to mid 50s. and then we warm up. highs back in the 60s for much of next week with dry weather ski season is already in full swing for some resorts in the coloraao mountains. lifts at two resorts sttrted rolling thursday morning. they typically battle it out to see which ski area is the first to open in the state. it's still to comemethis morning: in their excitement trickles all the way down to the milk they drink. plus -- one hockey fan might make a good goalie, but no one's celebrating his swipe in the stands. see what the coach did after a puck was stolen from a kid. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in mcgregor, garnavillo, la porte
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the color beven when it comes to milk.
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a few weeks ago we told you about the milk going blue in kansas city to support the baseball team. it's become popular -- and will be in stores throughout the world series. the royals are looking for their first championship in 30 years -- and they''e up two games to a mix of youth and veterans hits the court at carver hawkeye this season -- and last night we got a look at the team. the hawkeyes hosting sioux falls in an exhibition game. first half -- anthony clemmons hits a three. he's one of the seniors leading the team. later, it's dom uhl -- a sophomore -- spins down low and hits the buckee. uhl l s part of a yyunger group iowa will also need this year. senior mike gessell would lead iowa with 24 points -- the hawks roll 99-73. iowa tips off the regulmr season two weeks from tonight. a young hockey fan has his heart broken, but then leaves the game with a smile and a lot more. watch this -- the sabres coach flips a puck into the stands for a
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later -- the same coach gives another puck to an employee who delivers it to the young fan and then a short time later the penguins mascot shows up with a brand new sydney crosby jersey. there is nothing cuter than a baby in a halloween costume... members of e mommy and me class at st. luke's hospital met for a costume party yesterday. there "it's a good opportunity to dress her up, since we won't be fun just to see all the cute babies in their costumes." the class showed off their costumes to the nurses at st. lukes, as they enjoyed thei early halloween celeleation. as you wake up with us this morning -- we're focusing on sleep. a high tech way to track your
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key tt being heally. mark barger shows us some high many fitness trackers also monitor sleep... that's if the user remembers to wear the luna monitors your sleep overnight and sen your data to an app, without requiring you to wwr a wristband or bulky headset." the cover has a built-in alarm...and custom bed warmer... it can even connect to other smart home devices. imagineehaving the lights s r tv turn off when you fall asleep... and when you step out automatically" but the same technology meant to monitor your sleep... can sometimes be the cause of your tossing and turning. "several studies show that the light from our gadgets affects our circadian rhythms." it's theblue light tat causes problems... but changing the hue can help "f.lux is freeesoftware that changgs your screee's color throughout the day." so when the sun goes down... so does the blue light. but less evening screen time in general may help sleep track... and limit... time on iphonea and ipads for
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the whole family. also, a central charging station where everyone "checks in" devices before bedtime may curb late-night netflix binging. "some people will say that the bedroom." ....a low tech way to make sure you get high quality sleep. mark barger, nbc news. today in iowa continues in a moment
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forecast. not as windy and it will be warmer today with highs back to with scattered showers possible saturday afternoon. highs back in the 60s for most of next week. it's and coming up on
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a big policy change affeeting families in one country. one eepert calls iia historic event. plus... the mega bus has a new stop with the opening of a new transit center. that story and much more in our
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we've got you coverenow on today in iowa -- no government shutdown thanks a vote very early this morning in
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